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An application cause damage to your mobile


An application is always developed to fall in a utility category of the user but ‘Send Me To Heaven’, is a game or an application developed to cause the problem to your mobile devices. The developer of this game designed it in such a way that you should throw your mobile as high as possible and try to catch it. If you were successful in that, then your score will be noted as meters (how high you threw). But the thing is that the algorithm used in this game is just mind-blowing, you cannot even think to cheat in this game, whatever tricky task you perform other than fair play will be detected and notified.

But fair play game is like either you are safe with your handset or just wandering for the best mobile repair store. Nowadays most of the people are addicted to this game and fall as a prey to break their screen. This game is very risky but at the same time it is fun to play. Older android mobiles which are of no use can play as a huge advantage for this game. There is a mixed feeling to all Apple users that they cannot find this game in their store as Apple banned this game as it will cause physical damage to IPHONE.

But this application is available on Google Play store: Send Me To Heaver




NOTE: “This website or the writer of the content is not responsible for any physical damage of the mobile. This content only provides you information as news, but do not state the user to try this. Using this application and playing with it is at your own risk. Thank you!”



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