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Best mid range LED TV by LG


I have been using LG 32LB5820 since 5 months and  now I am reviewing this product. It is a 32 inch LED FULL HD LG SMART TV with resolution 1920 x1080 pixel.


Image source: www.lg.com

Style and design: It’s very slim and light weighted. This TV comes with the stand which makes it more stylish to be placed instead of wall mounting. The display comes with the cool metallic stylish design.


Image source: www.homeneedsonline.com

Magic remote: The awesome thing about LG SMART TV is that it comes with magic remote. If you start using this magic remote you will feel lazy enough to use the traditional remote, actually, this magic remote is similar to ‘mouse’ as we can drag the pointer anywhere on the screen. Magic remote is very useful while playing games on the TV. This magic remote makes your life easy while watching the movie if you want to forward just drag the pointer to specified time slot instead of fast forwarding. Scroll up and down just like the computer mouse.


Image source: www.currys.co.uk

WIFI: WiFi dongle comes within the package, as other manufacturer doesn’t provide the WiFi dongle free of cost and it should be purchased externally. Wifi dongle is very useful to connect the internet at the remote location for surfing internet through the browser, watching YouTube videos, to connect your LG mobile with the same WiFi network and you can even use your mobile as Magic remote. LG MOBILE like LG L90, g3 etc can be used as traditional remote without WiFi, it uses the same WiFi network when we want to use it as Magic remote.

Time machine: we can record the live shows. For using time machine, you should have a minimum of 4gb Pendrive plugged into the USB slot.

Voice Recognition: The magic remote has a voice capturing feature but to use this feature we should enable the WiFi connection. When we are bored to type using default virtual keypad provided by LG while browsing the internet or YouTube channels than in such situation  just speak out the words you want to type on the magic remote and the text will be appeared in the LG SMART TV.

Miracast: It allows screen mirroring from mobile devices to TV. You can just view the mobile device screen on the TV and can access music, photos, videos etc.

LG Smart share: we can share the files externally from any devices such as the laptop, mobile etc to TV wirelessly. Using USB cable, you can connect the mobile externally to the device to share files.

2012_Smart_TV_UI SMART SHARE 2D_re

image source:toptechcomputer.com

Intel Widi: This technology enables fast connection between TV and laptop  without network cable.

Web browsing and Gaming Content: we can browse the web content by using LG default browser and we can play games which are preinstalled, even we can download the games from LG store which requires a one-time login. Games content are all free of cost from LG store.

Camera feature: It has built-in camera application which requires external LG camera to be purchased from the market. The camera is very beneficial while using skype video calls.

overall, the LG 32LB5820 is the best tv available in the mid-range and it suits your bedroom or living room with amazing looks and built-in feature.Performance is mindblowing even it has internal storage space. The best customer supports  are provided in India by LG manufactures.

Prices in India:

LG website shows Rs.40,900/-

Flipkart price tag: Rs. 31,188/-  link: Click here

Snapdeal price tag: Rs. 39,000/- link: Click here

I purchased it at 35,000/- from LG STORE.

LG 32LB5820 technical specification

click the link above to view the technical specification related to the product.


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