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Google Self-driving Car

Self driving Car
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Technology growth is advancing nowadays, which has a solution for each problem. High demand in car manufacturer, lead to flourishing high traffic in the highways. Personal transport vehicles play an important role for everyone in day to day activities. Comparing the graph of 2000 with 2014 we can clearly come to the conclusion that accidents occurring nowadays are at peak. Humans are bound to make mistakes, due to their improper driving skills. What if the coded machines are made to run on the highway, with proper sensors embedded in them, which send the information to take appropriate action. These works are carried out by GOOGLE which is named as ‘Google driverless car’. Humans interference is not required while driving, the sensors embedded in the car is much responsible for sending the signals to control the car to the right direction. The passengers are required to state the destination about the place and the car is very feasible at its work to drop the customer at the right location.

Google is actually planning to launch in 2020 which will be available to the public. Public road testing of driverless cars was legal in California, Michigan, Florida and Nevada. In addition, a law proposed in Texas would establish criteria for allowing autonomous motor vehicles. As per Wikipedia, the car testing is showing some minority problems, due to this the employees suffered minor injuries. But we can hope that by 2020 the car will be flourishing on the highway.

Launching the car in India is still an uncovered story, as cab driving is a source of income for moderate people in India.

Till then let’s see the video uploaded by Google:

source: Channel name – Google Self-Driving Car Project

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How to be confident on the stage?

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How to be confident on the stage?


Most interesting and amazing feeling is to be on stage. It defines our personality and way we speak to impress the audience. The way it feels like, you are centered in the environment, with more than 20 to 2000 crowd with an amazing outfit that is our confidant, to entertain or convey the information to the audience. Wearing a formal with elegance body language, we always wanted to attract the audience with our blissful smile. Mostly, we get entertained as an audience, when we see biggie personalities centered in front of us conveying their journey. But, whenever they are going through their ‘braggy’(I mean ‘Brag’) stuff algorithm, which is a procedure of melting the eyes of the audience, have you ever felt like ‘I should be replaced with him/her personality’ ‘I want that guts inside me to convey  my talent in front of others’ ?  Yes (chill buddy! You are in right place). It is not about what message you are going to convey, it’s all about ‘how you presenting your message’ ‘how confident you are in that topic’. Self-Confidence is a key which boosts your energy level to a peak. This is a key, which increases your self-respect and value of ‘being-you’ among the strangers. Self-confidence and over-confidence are two different things, ‘Kamaal Rashid Khan’ aka ‘KRK’ best known for an over-confident person in the globe. The over-confident person tends to brag about themselves a lot, irrespective of what work they have done. ‘Talk about work rather than yourself’, audience like this kind of attitude. It is rightly said ‘I don’t believe what you say. I believe what you do.’ A very important quote to be followed which increase your social networking background while presenting.


Now, let’s give a limelight to the most important phase in everyone’s life that is ‘Fear to face the stage’.  Fear defines I am afraid of something. but about what? People, do they look like aliens or a ghost in horror movies. If you consider each person sitting in an auditorium, they are present there, to learn about  skills or knowledge which you are going to present, they are not going to judge ‘which sentence you missed’ ‘difference between what you planned and what are you  presenting’.

People who came across the stage presentation for the first time had faced these problems:

  1. Mind getting blanked
  2. Nervousness
  3. Queasy feeling in the stomach
  4. Legs are shivering
  5. Stumble and mumble

These are very common problems we face for the first time but the thing is we have to deal with this problem to be a perfect speaker.

Solution to deal with these problems:

Initial stage :

Every day take any topic and start reciting it in front of the mirror for 5 to 10 min. After a week, you will easily observe that you are more confident to speak fluently. Your body language will also start improving. Always before the presentation, try to recite in front of the mirror as it is a best practice to get started with the initial stage of stage presentation.

Work on script:

Script play an important role, it contains the information that you are going to convey. Always use those words in the script which you are comfortable with. Then recite it with your own accent carrying the important key aspect you going to convey. Remember, to make key points of your script, it will be very beneficial while giving a presentation. The confident level boost very high when you will be clear with the topic.

Improve your speed:

While conveying the message, don’t be in a hurry to complete the script. Take it on medium speed, convey it like you are saying a story; medium, smoothly but don’t break the link. Speed plays an important role while presenting. If you convey it faster, the audience may be confused but when being too slow is also not accepted. So, maintain medium speed with the clear and audible vocal which maintains the attention of an audience in a long run.


The gesture is the most important thing which is the best way to attract the public. Start your day with the bright smile on your face. Audience reaction to your presentation depends on YOU conveying it with full of interest attracts the listener. The sense of humor also plays an important role in a long-term presentation.

Note: don’t express with dull tone or expressions, which will give a negative effect.


Mainly, English is mostly used for formal meeting or presentation. If people are comfortable with local language there is no issue. Learn to speak English fluently, it is very beneficial to start any presentation without any kind of preparation.

Dressing sense:

10% of the confident level is boosted with the formal dressing sense.

First work on the above-mentioned points and it will try to boost 70% of confidence level. Rest, 30% lies in facing the audience.

Facing the audience:

When you step on the stage, start with the gesture and be calm. Start with the initial points, preparing a PowerPoint presentation is a best practice to be followed. As you continue, you will gradually start developing the confidence to speak related to the topic clearly and fluently. ‘Facing the audience’ issue starts improving when you start giving more and more presentation. After giving 20 stage presentations, you would be easily starting a formal presentation without any above mentioned preparation. This will require time but improving your primary solution (that is the above-mentioned solution) can lead to overcoming the stage fear.

It is a do or ignore statement: “Either face it or ignore it throughout your lifetime, the choice is yours!” 

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From few days, I have been using the Internet from Idea Cellular network. As my Wi-Fi was out of order, I had to switch to my mobile network, for using the Internet. I am still wondering about the fact how Idea can do this?

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Do your eyes get strained by working on the mobile continuously?

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image source: www.trishtech.com bluelight filter android application
image source: www.trishtech.com

We use mobiles for playing games, reading books, WhatsApp and for many such things. Oops! I forgot one main thing yeah!  Right (if you are pursuing engineering this is the most important thing) we use it for copying assignment/practical from  mobile images. But when we use the mobile continuously for more than one hour we get a headache, right? Because our eyes strains after a while.

I have a solution for it yeah!

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Best mid range LED TV by LG

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I have been using LG 32LB5820 since 5 months and  now I am reviewing this product. It is a 32 inch LED FULL HD LG SMART TV with resolution 1920 x1080 pixel.


Image source: www.lg.com

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This article highlights why Linux should be preferred instead of running the paid Operating System like Windows. As we know that recently Microsoft launched windows 10 and its price was hiked much higher than windows 8. In this article, I am going to discuss the Linux and windows.

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‘Life is all about Learning’

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inspiration stories  Image credit: iniwoo.net

Reputation does it really matters? Yes, it does, but instead of increasing it we maintain the same   isn’t it?  We are always afraid of failure in our life; we never wanted to be in a cluster of Failure in our class since 1st standard. Since childhood, we were taught that scoring highest marks make us talented person in the class but we never learnt such things like if we score low marks or low grades what difficulty we would face. We never learnt it what failing actually means,

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