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Boogie dice is replacing traditional dice in board games


Boogie Dice


This post is for people, who love board game just like snakes and ladders, monopoly. So, as the technology innovation is focused; we see the developers are focusing on small things to make it much more convenient to the user. Kids in this generation are more towards mobile graphical games rather than the board game. But even though the growth of user playing computer games are increasing day by day, when it comes to family-oriented games, we prefer board type games. Mostly board games like ‘monopoly’,’snakes and ladders’ uses dice to move ahead in the game.Traditional dice needed to be rolled on, so there were many tactics which we used to get the desired number in the cube.

But since few years, the developer focused on this small piece to work on.


Introducing ‘Boogie dice’ which needs only ‘clap’ or ‘snap of the finger’ sound to roll the cube. This advance cube senses the sound and activates the vibrator which rolls the dice. Now the traditional tactics won’t work in this Boogie dice. It will be a perfect game for the user playing board games.

This dice is developed by NIMROD BACK and SAAR SHAI in a mission to spread smile around the world while playing.


Inside this physical dice, there are vibrator motor, rechargeable battery, tilt sensor, microphone and 3 led.

This small piece  can be connected with an application which runs on both android and iOS device. This application is used for customizing the dice. The cube sound, roll on duration, led light and more such things can be customized using the  application. The developer made this dice in such a way that user can program his/her own dice as per his/her choice.


‘Boogie dice’ once charged fully can last up to 30 minutes or 500 rolls. So it’s the best way to utilize the dice to play with friends and family.

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Image source: Boogie Dice

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