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Boogie dice is replacing traditional dice in board games

Boogie Dice   This post is for people, who love board game just like snakes and ladders, monopoly. So, as the technology innovation is focused; we...

ULO the best home surveillance camera

ULO Camera: Hello, guys! Today I am sharing an article about the innovative technological development that has taken place.We all are familiar with CCTV cameras...

MINI SAFE: Wallet that is highly secured

Mini Safe Wallet Security plays a very important role in our life starting from securing our phone to bank account atm. We are protecting our...

Patchnride the best utility for cycle!

Patchnride: Cycle rides are always useful in many ways from 4 years old kid to 60 years old man; we mainly use them for fitness...

Dolfi a portable washing machine!

Dolfi A washing machine is usually used to clean bulk of clothes. But sometimes, some clothes cannot be washed through these machines, it requires hand...
Haz Umbrella

Umbrella is in the trend to become SMART!

Smart Umbrella Growth in technology showered many solutions for day to day problem. Few years before, no one ever thought that umbrellas will be on...

Cicret Bracelet

Mobile competitors are rising higher; each and every day new mobiles is launched by a different vendor. Many people Google hundred times before buying...
Self driving Car

Google Self-driving Car

Technology growth is advancing nowadays, which has a solution for each problem. High demand in car manufacturer, lead to flourishing high traffic in the...