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How to Convert HTML and CSS files to PDF and back!

How to Convert HTML and CSS files to PDF and back!

Converting HTML and CSS HTML and CSS have been the bread and butter of website development for over 20 years. The first one is for...

A Comprehensive Companion For Businessmen – PDFtoExcel.com

Easy way to convert PDF to Excel If your employment or educational obligations entail that you regularly spend abundant hours on a computer, then it...
Bolt smallest electric vehicle

Smallest Electric Vehicle In The World Top Speed 29Kmph

Travelling is more like a daily necessity for us nowadays. People need to travel to get groceries , to go to schools or colleges...
Solar Paper

New Invention: How to charge your mobile without the need of electricity?

Article by Anita Hemwani How to charge your mobile without the need of electricity?: Aren’t you annoyed when your phone’s battery goes dead on a really...

ULO the best home surveillance camera

ULO Camera: Hello, guys! Today I am sharing an article about the innovative technological development that has taken place.We all are familiar with CCTV cameras...

An application cause damage to your mobile

An application is always developed to fall in a utility category of the user but ‘Send Me To Heaven’, is a game or an...
Self driving Car

Google Self-driving Car

Technology growth is advancing nowadays, which has a solution for each problem. High demand in car manufacturer, lead to flourishing high traffic in the...

Do your eyes get strained by working on the mobile continuously?

We use mobiles for playing games, reading books, WhatsApp and for many such things. Oops! I forgot one main thing yeah!  Right (if you...

Best mid range LED TV by LG

I have been using LG 32LB5820 since 5 months and  now I am reviewing this product. It is a 32 inch LED FULL HD LG SMART...