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iPhone 7 RED

Top 10 iPhone 7 RED memes!

Recently, Apple has launched the new variant to support AID/HIV. As Tim Cook said that they have collaborated with RED company to launch red...
How to Convert HTML and CSS files to PDF and back!

How to Convert HTML and CSS files to PDF and back!

Converting HTML and CSS HTML and CSS have been the bread and butter of website development for over 20 years. The first one is for...

A Comprehensive Companion For Businessmen – PDFtoExcel.com

Easy way to convert PDF to Excel If your employment or educational obligations entail that you regularly spend abundant hours on a computer, then it...

How to Compress PDF for Free on iOS and Android

Today’s professional world is changing rapidly. Technology advances, market strategies, and rules are shifting quickly, businesses are in constant expansion. As a result, we...

How to Create Labels for Any Occasion

How to Create Labels for Any Occasion What do organizing events, preparing party settings, decorating gifts, organizing kitchens, sorting and categorizing kids belongings, brewing beer...

How to Save Time and Edit PDF Documents in Minutes

Does it ever happen that, when handling piles of important documents, you get extremely stressed or nervous? If so, you should know that there...
Iphone Vs Pixel

Who will win: iPhone 7 or Google’s Pixel?

iPhone 7 versus Google's Pixel Article By Anita Hemwani   Who will win iPhone-7 or Google's pixel?  We already know how Google Pixel is going to replace...
Wifi Security Hack

WIFI Security Hack

Recently I went to my friend's house. I wanted to use the internet so I told him can you please give me your Wifi...


  This article highlights why Linux should be preferred instead of running the paid Operating System like Windows. As we know that recently Microsoft launched...