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Cicret Bracelet


Mobile competitors are rising higher; each and every day new mobiles is launched by a different vendor. Many people Google hundred times before buying a best-featured mobile. Android mobile marketing is going higher which forces the technology to move on with the new invention. A hard weighed device’s touchscreen is going to replace with the skin. We are talking about the new invention which is expected to launch after 2019, this project is named as ‘Cicret’. This is a bracelet which projects the light on the arm and human skin is used as a touchscreen to provide the easy interface to the user. Guillaume Pommier, Nicolas Cruchon, Pascal Pommier, Fabien Noblet, are the founders of this company who are working on this prototype.  They have uploaded the first working prototype in youtube, which is the initial stage of the project. This project comes to the limelight as a new invention that’s going to take place after few years.This project can be very useful to play games, surf on the internet without the intervention of the mobile. Additional to that, during the formal meeting this bracelet can play an important role in notifying the person, without the involvement of mobile.

A small bracelet which is hardly 10 gram projects android operating system on the skin. When this project will be launched, it will change the mobile marketing upside down. Pre-order is not yet started but as per the founder, they want the funds to carry on with the development. They are asking donation in their website ‘cicret.com’, people who are willing to help for their pre-series can donate the money.

Cicret Bracelet Project aims at:

First prototype working:


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