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Easy way to convert PDF to Excel

If your employment or educational obligations entail that you regularly spend abundant hours on a computer, then it would be seriously surprising if you’ve never needed the assistance of Microsoft Excel. Undoubtedly one of the world’s most used programs, it can be exploited for such a wide variety of action, that it can be said it’s almost limitless, to a certain extent of course.

But we’re going to stray for the usual hymn of praise to Excel because it’s probably unneeded to mention its fabulous attributes, and we’ll focus our attention on a specific issue that frequently arises from using it.

Because every operating system has its own unique and specific way of interpreting the data that can be found in any digital document, serious problems can arise if the file was created on one operating system,  and is viewed on another. Issues sometimes present themselves like glitches and bugs in the outlay (or some unreadable characters), and sometimes even render the document utterly viewable by the recipient. This can be a serious obstacle, especially if the document in question is important to you.

Luckily, there is a convenient way to overcome all of this. Before you send an Excel file to a user on a different computer, you should previously convert it to PDF, which can be done from  Excel itself in the save-as subsection.

Developed by Adobe in the 1990s, from the start its primary trait has been, and still is to alleviate the transfer of digital documents between computers and other devices. The way the PDF functions is it connects all the data from the file into one dense singular whole, and it can be seen and every OS and every device, because it functions completely independent from any hardware or software. It also compresses the file, making it significantly smaller.

But the PDF, even though it’s absolutely marvelous for sharing of files, creates some severe difficulties of it’s own.

All PDF files are read-only files, and can’t be edited in any classical way. They require a software that can separate all that data that was merged together when the PDF was created, and rearrange them back to Excel form. We wanted to share with you a popular free online tool that can easily meet all of your professional demands.


How To  Convert?

PDF to Excel is able to return the PDF back to a spreadsheet form with great accuracy, with all the rows and columns of an Excel file presented exactly as they were before, but now ready to be edited once more. Files can be unlimited in size, so if you have a colossal file with many pages, this tool can convert it without any hassle. The time to perform the operation is also very short, (depends on the size of file that is converted), but for regular files it’s rarely over one minute.

We should quickly show you how it’s used, so let’s get right to it!


Click on the upload button to choose the file, unfortunately there is no way to upload multiple files at the same time, but given the process is really fast, that cannot be viewed as a genuine flaw. You can also select the file directly from your Google Drive, OneDrive and DropBox account, if at that given time it’s more convenient for you to do it like that. Once the file is chosen, the tool will commence the procedure.



The progress will be shown like on the picture above, and when it finishes, a download button will appear.

That’s about it for this somewhat perplexing yet thought-provoking subject, and make sure to check out PDFtoExcel.com when you get your nerves tested by a sneaky PDF!



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