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How to Compress PDF for Free on iOS and Android


Today’s professional world is changing rapidly. Technology advances, market strategies, and rules are shifting quickly, businesses are in constant expansion. As a result, we are overwhelmed with the great amount of information, we always have to adapt to newly encountered situations and to quickly pick up fresh skills.

Practically, these changes have also considerable impact on our everyday communication. More specifically, this reflects on the size of our documents and the amount of data preserved in them. Naturally, they are becoming larger and larger which makes them very hard to manipulate.

So in order to make documents manageable, it would be convenient to have a  tool that would reduce their size. Given that the most secure document format for all important data is PDF, the tool in question should reduce the size of PDF documents.

There are many free online tools that compress PDFs, but is there a mobile app that can do the same? Yes, there is. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Compress PDF app.

Compress PDF

This handy app allows you to efficiently and quickly make PDF documents smaller on mobile phones, both Android and iOS. Even though the document is reduced, its quality will be preserved. Also, depending on the document, it can be compressed considerably, or just a little bit. In addition to that, this PDF compressor is a very easy-to-use app, so you’ll get your file compressed just with a couple of simple steps.

If you use iPhone, just follow the instructions below:

–> Download Compress PDF from the App Store

–> Select PDF document from your phone, or from Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive, and it will be compressed in just a couple of seconds on average


Compress pdf


If you use Android, just follow these instructions:

–>Download Compress PDF from the Google Play

–>Click + to add a file to compress it and wait a little bit


Compress pdf


Compress pdf


Now you’ve discovered an effective way to cope with a rising sea of new information, without sinking and drowning.  


This is the best utility app  is used to compress bulk of large pdf files to minimize the space utilization. So, what are your views? Just comment below.




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