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How to Convert HTML and CSS files to PDF and back!


Converting HTML and CSS

HTML and CSS have been the bread and butter of website development for over 20 years. The first one is for creating structure and shaping the website, while the later one is for visually enhancing and improving your pages. They go hand in hand, and together form the perfect mix of web programming and web design for beginners to learn. Most people that decide they want to chase a career in programming usually start with these 2 programming languages.

For those that have never dabbled with programming, these two languages are the basis of every website, as you may have already assumed from the previous paragraph.Websites are nothing else but a bunch of text files with code written inside and linked to a web hosting service. That’s it. It’s that simple.

So, it is more than obvious that when moving these files around you should be very careful how you do it.Sending files with such sensitive content can often damage it in the process, and one of the worst thing that can happen to a developer is a part of your code to be deleted.

When we say the worst thing, we mean more like the worst nightmare, given that rewriting, filling in gaps and recovering code can be a hell. Seriously, just take a look at what these files actually look like on the photo below:

How to Convert HTML and CSS files to PDF and back!

PDF Converter Ultimate by Cometdocs

Now that you know the complexity of the situation when a developer’s code gets damaged, we can get a bit more into the methods of transferring HTML and CSS files. One of the most common ways is to convert the file to a different format. There are many options, but we are going to present you a very specific one. Since there aren’t very many mobile apps that do this type of conversion, one that does is PDF Converter Ultimate by Cometdocs. This app offers free conversions from PDF to Text, and vice versa.

How to Convert HTML and CSS files to PDF and back!

PDF Converter Ultimate is available on both iOS and Android

But, how are you going to get your file on the mobile device you are using? Well, easily. PDF Converter Ultimate has integrated cloud services such as Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox and more. This mean that you can connect the mobile app with your personal cloud storage and easily import the file.

How to Convert HTML and CSS files to PDF and back!

Android version doesn’t offer this since you can import files from phone memory

All conversions are instantaneous so it shouldn’t take long to convert any file, no matter the size and contents of that file. Another thing to keep in mind is internet connection – this app doesn’t convert files if you don’t have WiFi or your cellular data plan turned on since the conversion servers are all online based. If you ever got stuck in a similar position or perhaps you were in need of some other conversion type this app can help you out since it also converts  Word, Excel, Images, PowerPoint and AutoCAD.

Feel free to try out this app even if you aren’t a programmer since it is pretty simple to use and share your opinion about the app by commenting on Google Play Store or iOS App Store.


We have tried this application, it falls under the utility  for the web developer. Our final verdit is it will be very useful for the web developer.


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