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Do your eyes get strained by working on the mobile continuously?

image source: www.trishtech.com bluelight filter android application
image source: www.trishtech.com

We use mobiles for playing games, reading books, WhatsApp and for many such things. Oops! I forgot one main thing yeah!  Right (if you are pursuing engineering this is the most important thing) we use it for copying assignment/practical from  mobile images. But when we use the mobile continuously for more than one hour we get a headache, right? Because our eyes strains after a while.

I have a solution for it yeah! Now we can work on mobile more than 4 hours without any strain in your eyes. Recently I got a message from my cousin stating that very useful application is available in the store which reduces your eye strain from reading eBooks.

So this application filters the blue light or it just low the blue light preventing our eyes from strain.

This is a simple application, but it is more effective.

So this application is for android mobile

Application name: “ Bluelight Filter for Eye Care “

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.ne.hardyinfinity.bluelightfilter.free&hl=en

I am not the user of Microsoft or apple mobile so I am not sure this application is available in their store. But do check and let us know whether it’s available in their store. Just use the application and let me know how beneficial it is!

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