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Dolfi a portable washing machine!



A washing machine is usually used to clean bulk of clothes. But sometimes, some clothes cannot be washed through these machines, it requires hand wash. Hand wash is a big hectic as sometimes it can spoil our clothes. The solution for this problem is ‘Dolfi

, it is a small sized device which has the functionality to remove dirt from the clothes through the power of ultrasound. This device is next generation washing machine which is portable that means it can be carried anywhere. This device can easily fit in the corner of the travelling backpack. Due to this device, you are not going to spend your money on washing services. Dolfi is very easy to use and the additional advantage is that it saves 80% of energy compared to the traditional washing machine.


If you try to compare Dolfi with the traditional machine then it serves as a huge advantage in upcoming generation, as it uses Ultrasonic technology which clears out the dirt particle of the clothes inside out and makes it fresh without any damage.

Demonstration video:

Working :
1. Take a bucket of water
2. Put the clothes inside the bucket
3. Add the detergent
4. Now place this device inside the clothes
5. After that switch ‘on’ the soap.

It takes approximately 20-40 min to clean the clothes and while cleaning the clothes it doesn’t make any sound. After cleaning, rinse them and put the clothes to dry and you can feel the dirt-free clothes which make your day awesome!

Technically how it works:

For Pre-order: visit Dolfi product website

Source Reffered: indiegogo , Dolfi.


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