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Episode 1: Setting Up with C.


Hello guys, so you all are willing to learn C programming language right? Cool, I am very passionate in terms of coding. I love coding, and I’ll share my skills with you all to make it easy to learn. We hate books, I too. So, I won’t be writing too much to make you people bore enough to read this crap. Let’s Fast forward it.


So, You have to install this software Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. I will be using this throughout my whole series.

Why install Microsoft Visual Studio?

I enjoy coding in the proper manner. If I use notepad, turbo-c or any other software, they don’t provide proper structure to code, we have to continuously press tab keyword to make it more presentable. I hate consuming time for such crap thing. So, I installed Visual Studio 2010. It has an awesome User Interface with the automated structuring of programming which makes it more presentable to code.

Link To Know How To Install Visual Studio 2010: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TIiIOtle64

So, buddies install it and feel the difference. In next post, I’ll start explaining program with basics, I will also state how to compile and run the program in visual studio. Cheers!


Let us know what you felt after downloading visual studio in comment section below


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