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Episode 2: My First C program using Visual Studio


Hello!! buddies, This is my second post regarding C programming. Today Let us learn how to run C Program in Visual Studio 2010.

I took each and every step screenshot so you won’t have any doubt.

First click on file

Now go to new> project



Now select Visual C++>Go to Win 32 Console and enter your file name

Now this dialogue box will appear,click on next.


Choose Console Application and select Empty Project and click on Finish



Now It will appear like this, so now see in right. You Can see ‘Source File’

Right Click on source file>Add>New Item


Select C++ File(.cpp) and Enter the file name


After doing this click on add



This is the coding Window



Write your Code


Now for building and compiling it, press ‘Ctrl + F5’


It will look like this click on ‘Yes’


Now you can run your first program

It is pretty easy, right?

Now for creating the second file, you don’t have to do all the above steps.

Just follow few steps:

Right click on existing file ‘HelloWorld’> go to properties


See the Excluded from build option and now choose ‘Yes’.

Always remember that if you want to create another file then previous files should be Excluded from the build. If the Excluded from the build is ‘No’ then while running another program it will show error.




For creating another file you just have to follow right click source file>Add>New items


View the images properly it shows the each and every step:






Second Program







Today, we just saw how to run C program in visual studio 2010. The code will be explained in next post. This session is all about knowing to use visual studio to run C Program.


Any doubts? comment below. Hurray! Finally you learnt it.



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