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Google Self-driving Car


Technology growth is advancing nowadays, which has a solution for each problem. High demand in car manufacturer, lead to flourishing high traffic in the highways. Personal transport vehicles play an important role for everyone in day to day activities. Comparing the graph of 2000 with 2014 we can clearly come to the conclusion that accidents occurring nowadays are at peak. Humans are bound to make mistakes, due to their improper driving skills. What if the coded machines are made to run on the highway, with proper sensors embedded in them, which send the information to take appropriate action. These works are carried out by GOOGLE which is named as ‘Google driverless car’. Humans interference is not required while driving, the sensors embedded in the car is much responsible for sending the signals to control the car to the right direction. The passengers are required to state the destination about the place and the car is very feasible at its work to drop the customer at the right location.

Google is actually planning to launch in 2020 which will be available to the public. Public road testing of driverless cars was legal in California, Michigan, Florida and Nevada. In addition, a law proposed in Texas would establish criteria for allowing autonomous motor vehicles. As per Wikipedia, the car testing is showing some minority problems, due to this the employees suffered minor injuries. But we can hope that by 2020 the car will be flourishing on the highway.

Launching the car in India is still an uncovered story, as cab driving is a source of income for moderate people in India.

Till then let’s see the video uploaded by Google:

source: Channel name – Google Self-Driving Car Project


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