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Umbrella is in the trend to become SMART!


Smart Umbrella

Growth in technology showered many solutions for day to day problem. Few years before, no one ever thought that umbrellas will be on the verge of  becoming smart. Problems faced by the traditional umbrellas fall as an advantage to this product. A product is going to launch called as ‘HAZ UMBRELLA’ which will be more beneficial for the people during the rainy season. This product covers all the limitation which was faced by traditional umbrellas.

Haz Umbrella

The key advantages are:

  • If you lost this umbrella, you will get a notification in your mobile stating its location.
  • We can open and close this umbrella just by clicking the button.
  • You will get the notification on your Smartphone when to take out the umbrella (weather forecast will be shown).



  • Low energy Bluetooth for communication.
  • It is provided with 200MA Li-ion battery.
  • Coin battery: CR2032.

How does it work?

First, you should install ‘HAZ umbrella’ application in your Smartphone. ‘HAZ umbrella’ product should be connected to your Smartphone via Bluetooth. This product is very comfortable to hold, coated with Teflon to provide resistant towards oil, dust, and water. You can easily open and close the umbrella by just pressing the button, no need to follow the old traditional way to close the umbrella. The Bluetooth should be switched ‘on’ while roaming outside with your umbrella. This technology is a boon when you lose it. HAZ will not send any notification within 30 meters, but as and when you cross 30m leaving behind the umbrella then it will send you the notification to your Smartphone. This product will notify with the location and will alert the user. When you are busy at your work, this umbrella will notify your Smartphone regarding weather forecasting whether to take this Umbrella or not.

This product has two batteries one is Li-ion and another is coin battery. Coin battery is used for Bluetooth while Li-ion battery is used for opening and closing of the umbrella. Li-ion battery can be charged using an adapter, as it works 150 times on a single charge and during standby mode it will last 6 months.



PRE-ORDER: Haz Umbrella  for $129.99


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