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How to open any blocked website using Command Prompt

This will guide you through the steps for accessing the blocked website.


How to Open any blocked website using Command Prompt

Hi, Readers! using this step is at your own risk. Techgenblog is not responsible for such activities.

In your school or at an office, Some websites are blocked. Like Youtube, Facebook or any social networking sites. Here are the tips and tricks to use those websites.

In some institute, even the command prompt is blocked to use.

If your institute is granting command prompt access then use it directly by clicking on start and type in search bar cmd. The command prompt application will appear.

If not, then follow this procedure.

  1. Open the notepad.
  2. Write in the notepad following:

echo off


echo on

  1. Save this as ‘ Command.bat
  2. Close the notepad.
  3. Now open the following file, boom you got the command prompt.


Now, how to open any blocked website.

  1. Open command prompt
  2. Type tracert <your website name> eg: tracert facebook.com
  3. Then you have to select the domain address of the following website.
  4. Copy that address and paste it in the browser.
  5. Now you can open your blocked website.


I want to access youtube in an institute but it is blocked.

I will be typing tracert www.youtube.com in command prompt

It will show Tracing route to youtube-ui.l.google.com []

Then you have to copy this address and paste it in the browser. This will work.

For you, this address will vary. It is not same for everyone.


Again, Perform this procedure at your own risk. We are not responsible. This article is just for educational purpose.







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