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How to Save Time and Edit PDF Documents in Minutes


Does it ever happen that, when handling piles of important documents, you get extremely stressed or nervous? If so, you should know that there is no need to worry since this happens pretty often.It can be hard to manage all documents that are being served to you on a daily basis. Too much information and not enough time tend to make a person unable to keep up with the usual tasks. This can happen to people of all professions and job positions.

To overcome these issues, people seek help from different third party tools and programs. The most desirable are the ones that can help you organize your work more efficiently and, in the end, save you more time.And since we are living in a fast-paced, digital era, time is considered a huge luxury.

When it comes to saving time, there are particularly useful tools that can help you spend less time on one of the most boring things ever — PDF editing.We all know how much PDF editing can be exhausting since, by default, it cannot be done within the document itself.

To address these issues, Investintech created a powerful PDF software that enables users to perform on-page PDF editing, as well as giving users the ability to export PDF documents into other editable formats.

What that does best is that it helps you save time, regardless of your profession and area of work. For accountants, Able2Extract can be used for editing dates on blank PDF invoices. For entrepreneurs, it can be helpful for editing contract details. The list goes on and on.

Let’s explore what this software really does.


With this software tool, you can move, merge, resize and rotate any page within seconds. Adding or deleting text is also a neat feature that saves a ton of time when editing your PDF files. It has an integrated WYSIWYG text editor, which makes any changes to your document instantly visible.

Unlike many of its competitors, this PDF software is really simple to use. Check it out through this quick, 3 step tutorial:

1:  Open your PDF in by clicking on the left icon in the top bar menu


2: Click on the “Edit” button to open the editing panel


 3: Use the newly opened editing panel to perform various PDF edits. You can add and delete text, split and merge documents and more.


Besides editing, you can easily create a new PDF document from any supported format. Just click on the “Create” button and select a document you’d like to print.


A place where Able2Extract really shines is its powerful conversion. Without a doubt, it is one of the best PDF converters we have tested, as it can convert any PDF file to up to 12 different file formats including:

  • PDF to MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
  • PDF to AutoCAD
  • PDF to OpenOffice
  • PDF to HTML
  • PDF to Images and more.

There are additional conversion options (such as PDF to CSV) that may be of particular interest to users who need to export entire PDFs into SQL databases, or similar.

So, what’s our final decision?

Able2Extract is a neat piece of software when you get stuck with those non-editable PDF documents. Even though it has many high quality competitors, Able2Extract managed to remain one of the most affordable solutions out there.

The pricing starts from $99.95 for a single user licence, and $129.95 for the professional one (which is equipped with Optical Character Recognition). The tool also supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Do you use any other software for PDF editing purposes? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.



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