From few days, I have been using the Internet from Idea Cellular network. As my Wi-Fi was out of order, I had to switch to my mobile network, for using the Internet. I am still wondering about the fact how Idea can do this?

Now, you might be confused, what I want to deliver.

So here we go.

I recharged the 2G Internet pack for Rs 58 and it gave me 216MB data for 6 days. Then in my handset, I switched my mobile network to ‘WCDMA ONLY’. I was getting 3G+ speed for 2G pack.

I am using ‘Internet Speed Meter Lite’ application’, to know how many MBs I am consuming.

The awesome fact of Idea Internet was, when I switched to ‘GSM ONLY‘(i.e. 2G)  then it charged me more data for a single search(the speed was slow and the actual MB consumed was less as per that application). Example: I googled ‘e-business definition’ for a single search, it charged me 3-4 MBs and the actual MB utilized was 0.7 MB.

And compared to that, when I switched to ‘WCDMA ONLY'(i.e. 3G+), hardly my MBs was  reducing after a frequent search on Internet. The 3G+ Internet speed is awesome and even after utilizing more MBs(as per ‘Internet Speed Meter’) the reduction of MBs from my pack was less. The same example I performed and it charged me ‘0.22 MB’

This is a huge advantage for Idea users, just recharge a 2G pack and utilize the 3G+ speed on 3G handset with low data reduction.

The flaws in the Idea Internet serves as an advantage for the Idea users.


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