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‘Life is all about Learning’


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Reputation does it really matters? Yes, it does, but instead of increasing it we maintain the same   isn’t it?  We are always afraid of failure in our life; we never wanted to be in a cluster of Failure in our class since 1st standard. Since childhood, we were taught that scoring highest marks make us talented person in the class but we never learnt such things like if we score low marks or low grades what difficulty we would face. We never learnt it what failing actually means, defeating our neighbor’s percentage is a much more important reputed thing in our Indian families. We as a human being are born with creativeness some are good at academic while some are good at sports while some can be a good writer among us even he or she might be bad at academic. It’s true that through academic we learn many things if your teacher never teaches u alphabets or math’s you wouldn’t have learnt to speak or write in English; never would have known numerical actually means. Academic plays a role in your life, it gives you knowledge, teaches you many things from history to science, but this is a most general thing which every child should learn this doesn’t predict your future.

The point is that we should recognize ourselves it’s the most important thing; we should feel proud of what we are good at. Stop comparing your academic with your talent, We all are the special person gifted by god. Every person living on the earth has a goal, a mission, a dream but did we ever tried to fulfill it? the answer is ‘hmm no but I will do one fine day’. Why ‘will do’ ?  because I have to face a lot of problems. If problems were bigger than what you dreamt then today we might be living in a stone age period with no clothes, no electricity. We never would be in a technology world. We all are having the most powerful thing in our  body that is our BRAIN, it gives the solution to every problem. It’s very common that we have  the solution within us to each problem we face, but we never try to implement it why? We are afraid of FAILURE. Example, a person wanted to start a business which needs high revenue of investment and so his problem was  he don’t have money to invest. The solution he knows very well to take a loan from a bank. His ideas toward the business are very clear and will compete with the product in the market, but he never invests in the business why? Because he is afraid of being FAILED(he would lose his entire investment when that product is not accepted by the people). Thinking of ‘being failed’ is one of the biggest drawbacks of the people where every idea is dumped before implementation.

We are brought up in such society where people always criticize failure and they never encourage them that they have learnt something in their life. we never seen a person getting awarded for being failed, a failure person learns many things in this world than a person who never failed in his life. It’s rightly said ‘Failure is next step to success’ there is  an example such as Sachin Tendulkar who failed in 10th, but he is the best cricketer, Shahrukh Khan  struggled to earn a penny when he came to Mumbai now he is known as ‘King of Bollywood’… and it goes on. Behind every successful man, there lie many obstacles and failures when it is learnt you will be a stronger person in this world.

“Dream Big… Don’t hesitate when you failed, face the problems learn from it”

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