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MINI SAFE: Wallet that is highly secured


Mini Safe Wallet

Security plays a very important role in our life starting from securing our phone to bank account atm. We are protecting our privacy from an intruder using various technologies. But have you thought of securing your wallet? Seems silly right? Problem statement states that there are high growth rates of pickpocket going in every corner of the world. Wallet contains much useful stuff like money, Credit/Debit cards, train pass ticket and the list goes on. Securing the wallet from thieving is main aspect thing to think about. But our technology has gone through much advance way in introducing MINI-SAFE. MINI-SAFE  is a hardcore metal wallet which is light in weight and is hard to break. This wallet has 3 digit lock system, total 1000 combination can be possible.

It is hard to crack when this wallet is stolen. But the thing is that this wallet cannot be lost as it has a tracking system which is sync with the mobile. The exact distance between the current location and wallet is shown in the authorized mobile.

It also has blocking system enabled which blocks the wallet from cracking, once it is lost, that means your stuff is completely safe from the unauthorized person. In this wallet, you have 12 slots which can easily store credit/debit card, car keys, money etc.

Secured with RFDI blocking, which makes perfect utility for the authorized user.

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