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Patchnride the best utility for cycle!



Cycle rides are always useful in many ways from 4 years old kid to 60 years old man; we mainly use them for fitness purpose. It is a joy to ride a bicycle, but we come across few problems which cause big hectic to us. While riding, we sometimes or often fall in a situation such as Tires get punctured due to some or other reason. A simple question to you is ‘Are you tired of paying when your cycle tire gets punctured?’ the answer is Yes. So we have a solution for such problem

is ‘Patchnride’ tool which is a handy tool that fixes the punctured tire within few seconds.

How does it work?

Patchnride is equipment designed to make life easier by not searching for a garage shop when we are stuck in such situation. In simple term, when you punctured the tire, just inject the Patchnride into the punctured hole, pull back the slider then push forward and just pump the air into the tire.

Just as simple as it is, you have to spend few bucks for once and enjoy the ride forever. This company aims at eliminating the overhead cost faced by the customer and due to Patchnride, you don’t  have to remove the tire to fix it. They have also stated this is an efficient tool for every type of bicycle tire. They are planning to distribute their product on 2016.

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