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Smallest Electric Vehicle In The World Top Speed 29Kmph


Travelling is more like a daily necessity for us nowadays. People need to travel to get groceries , to go to schools or colleges , for jobs etc. For this we use some form of transportation, it can be public or private . Now public transportation is quite cheap in comparison to the private ones. When you own a private vehicle, you need to pay for its maintenance, petrol/ diesel costs , so it gets quite expensive. So people prefer public transportation when It comes to saving money. It is safe to say that bicycles are the best form of transportation, if we need to travel to nearby places and also it is cheap and eco-friendly. What if we get a new alternative similar to a bicycle in the way that it is cheap and also doesn’t cause pollution??

Bolt Smallest Electric Vehicle

 Bolt Smallest Electric Vehicle

As technology is evolving, people are inventing devices to make customers life more comfortable. Bolt, which is the smallest and lightest electric vehicle in the world, is a solution for this problem. It is quite affordable and it also saves time.BoltBolt is a vehicle which looks like a skateboard but it can travel around with a top speed of 29kmph. It is a portable electric vehicle which can be easily used.It is the smallest vehicle which has a length of 60cm. It similar to a skateboard , and all you have to do is stand on it while travelling from one place to another, it is as simple as that.

Easy to use

BoltIt is suitable for travelling to nearby local places or within the city depending on the purpose and situations.It weighs around 4.4 kg, that means we can easily carry this in our backpacks, thus eliminating the need for parking space.


Powerful Motor

BoltIt has a powerful Sensored motor of 2000W and has a very powerful battery of 5000mAh Lipo. It is useful for small distance travel like going to college, retail stores, or any nearby local place. It can be charged fully within an hour. As It is made of multiple layers of plywood, it is quite strong and can easily handle your weight.


Built In Usb Port

BoltIt also has a built-in recharge port which can charge your mobile up to 20 times on the go. So, there is no need to worry about the low battery.Bolt is integrated with a small bulb at the bottom , which provides necessary light while travelling at night.


Controlled through Joystick

Bolt is very smart device and you can control it using a joystick. When the stick of the joystick is moved forward the speed of the vehicle increases and the downward movement is for applying the brakes. All hardware part is embedded inside the plywood. So when the battery needs to be changed , we need to contact the service provider.All in all, bolt is the best mobility product in the market.



It is the best mobility product available in the market.


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