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ULO the best home surveillance camera


ULO Camera:

Hello, guys! Today I am sharing an article about the innovative technological development that has taken place.We all are familiar with CCTV cameras and this is majorly because of the large scale use of it in various fields. Be it banks, schools, malls, or even residential area, the use of CCTV cameras has grown tremendously in the last decade.

The main motive behind its use it to monitor our surroundings and record it for security reasons. But even after CCTV cameras are used, we often come across cases where theft has taken place. This happens due to loopholes in the system and also due to the fact that thieves are well aware of the existence of these devices and try their best to avoid detection.


Well, Vivien muller found a solution for this problem; he created a device called UloCamera which basically looks like Owl. This device has a great way to express the communication via eyes. It can see everything around the room where it has been placed.


Ulo is a very creative device designed by Vivien which is used as a surveillance camera. As per the founder, this camera is recommended to be used for majorly home surveillance, in order to avoid burglary. This surveillance camera connects to the mobile through an app which is provided by the company, with the help of which we can customize the eyes of this device , i.e. its color and size.


ULO has two eyes which are actually an LCD screen which shows the expression. It has various expressions which convey the message to the authentic user. It has a small microphone which records the sound around the room.

This device can be connected to the Wi-Fi to transfer the information to the authentic user. When the Wi-Fi is not connected then it stores the data locally and sends the mail later when it’s turned on. The user connects the app with ULO device via Wi-Fi, user can also easily turn on the video streaming or can take a snap through the app. When the user is no more connected to the Wi-Fi then the device sends the mail of the current scenario to his/her email id.

The ULO’s eyes are a great way of communication as it expresses various messages to the user. As the device is featured with the motion sensor, the eyes move whenever the object crosses by. When the user is connected to the application and want to take a snap, then the eye will blink from one side. The eyes will look sleepy when the battery of the device is low and will be closed when the device is turned off.

Ulo is portable and can be placed anywhere. It is chargeable, full charged device can last up to one week. The user can turn on the alert mode by tapping on the forehead of the device. Even after placing it in the corridor during the rainy season, it won’t get affected or damaged by the rainwater (as said by the founder). So, are we excited already?

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