This article highlights why Linux should be preferred instead of running the paid Operating System like Windows. As we know that recently Microsoft launched windows 10 and its price was hiked much higher than windows 8. In this article, I am going to discuss the Linux and windows.

For this article, I will be comparing windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 it’s the popular Linux distribution.

1.   Look and feel:







Look and feel of Ubuntu is simple but all the way it depends on the user how he feels.

For a Windows user, it’s just easy to get adapted to the Linux operating system.

2.  Basic software:


The basic software needed for a user are Word, spreadsheet and presentation software. This software is not present after installing the windows and you have to purchase and install MS office suite separately.


Ubuntu comes with LibreOffilce suite preinstalled. It also has F-spot, an image editing program and an Instant messaging client called Empathy – that has chat provisioning for Facebook, G-Talk, Yahoo, MSN and VOIP capabilities all under a single application.

What is the use of an operating system when it doesn’t provide us useful basic feature?

3. Drivers:

Linux has built in drivers in the operating system or we can automatically download and install the drivers.

Linux operating system detects which driver that should be needed and downloads automatically; there is no pain in searching and installing it manually.

But on other hands when it comes to Microsoft you might know there is a pain in manually downloading and installing the drivers for everything. Unlike Linux, there is rarely any need to download the drivers manually.

4. Minimum Requirements:

Windows 7 requirement:

Minimum of 1000 Mhz processor with 1GB of RAM

Ubuntu requirement:

a minimum of 700 Mhz processor with 384MB RAM

Personally, I state that Ubuntu performance is higher than Windows, Ubuntu works flawlessly even you even try to work it on older computers. Once you booted the Ubuntu in your computer its performance remains same even after 2 years and no need to boot again and again like windows. Booting time taken by Ubuntu is less compared to windows.

5.  Security:

I have been using Windows since windows the days of Windows 98, and I can tell you that Windows 7 has some pretty good security features that, if implemented properly, can give you quite a secure system to work with. Its firewall has advanced features that you can configure. However, there are many who believe that Windows still remains a weak operating system from a security standpoint.

Linux on the other hand, has always been a secure operating system since the early days. It has often been the subject of debate that an open source operating system cannot be as secure as a proprietary one, but Linux has proved that belief to be untrue. Overall, I believe that Linux offers much more security by default.

Access Privileges:   Linux by default does not run as a root (the Windows ‘administrator’ equivalent)

This ensures that any automated program or script cannot make changes to the system without explicit

Privileges from the user. Although Windows has implemented a similar mechanism called ‘User Account Control or UAC’, which does provide good protection although not as robust as Linux does.

Viruses: Viruses and other malware continue to be a constant headache for windows users. Combating viruses is not only time-consuming but also expensive when we talk about using Windows in a large scale production environment. Moreover, there is always a need to purchase expensive antivirus software with yearly subscriptions, punching additional holes in your pocket.

Linux, on the other hand, has significantly less number of viruses, so you are considerably less likely to get infected.

Overall Security: Overall,  I believe that Linux will always be much more secure than Windows operating system given the fact that it is open-source.

6. Cost :

Windows 7 ranges from $100 to $300 (Rs. 5000 to Rs.15000) depending on the version you are buying.

On the other hand, Ubuntu/Kubuntu is free of cost. You can download it from the official website.

I can say that if you are interested in gaming then stay away from Linux and some Softwares are not available in Linux so it is better to use windows for this purpose.

reference credit: http://techluminati.com


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