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Why should I think?


Why Should I Think?

This world consists of millions of brains. But only a few shine, and rest they applaud blindly. We are born with huge weighed part which we carry with us every single day that is nothing but our brain. We think every second in our life but those thoughts were just about friends, college assignment, how to enjoy, and the list goes on. Have you ever thought about society? Their problems ? I am not talking about being a political person, I am making you think about society and their problems as a layman. List out them on a piece of paper, yes! now you came up with more than 10 problems right? These are the problems which are going to your environment. So, now what is the solution? Think! Think!! Think!!!

Now you are just exiting from this post without thinking and that’s what a gap between a centre stage person and being applauded!

‘Why should I think?’ Is the biggest problem in this world.



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