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Recently I went to my friend’s house. I wanted to use the internet so I told him can you please give me your Wifi password, he smiled at me and told me “can you please give me your mobile?” and he started typing the password. I was like ‘Oh so much Security consent huh!’ and I started using the internet with his WiFi. While browsing the internet, I cracked his wi-fi password. Majority people do the same mistake that makes your security level low.

Today I am going to discuss that common mistake which everyone should avoid.For this, I would be using I-ball router as an example to crack the password:

  • After getting the password from your friend or some authorized person then go to the browser and type: “”
  • Then a pop-up dialog box will appear like this:
  • Type in the username: ADMIN and password: ADMIN
  • Then the router page will appear
  •  —–> go to wireless>wireless security>
  • Now you can clearly see the password in the ‘PSK PASSWORD’ text box.(for security reason the password and other fields are colored black).
  • Now, you can change  the password of your friend’s WIFI.

Now in that Router page

  • —–> go to ‘Maintenance and setting tool’> ‘Password’
  • In OLD  USERNAME and OLD  PASSWORD type ‘ADMIN’ and change the new username and password.
  • Now the Router control is in your hand.
  • Your friend neither can change the password of WIFI nor he can even connect to WIFI.


Just go to ‘Maintenance and System Tool’ > Password

Change your own default WiFi  password and username, so that no one can crack your network password.

Important notice: This was an Ethical hacking of router do not try to crack your neighbors or friend’s WIFI. If you try to perform Unethical hacking then this site is not responsible.

If you cannot perform the above task then your neighbour or friend is much smarter than you. cheer! Security level is strong.

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